Driven by technological innovation and oriented by drug innovation, assist clients’ innovative biological drug IP generation.

Aiming to reduce the risks, accelerate the process and promote precise technical segment of our clients’ innovative biological drug R&D, based on Sanyou’s super-trillion antibody library platform and integrated innovative biological drug R&D platforms three cooperative options for our clients: reserved pre-incubation, cooperative development and IP transfer.

R&D Patterns
  • 01
    Cooperative R&D for PCC Projects

    Cooperative R&D for innovative biological drugs from target validation to pre-clinical candidate (PCC)

  • 02
    Cooperative R&D for IND Projects

    Cooperative R&D for innovative biological drugs from PCC to investigational new drug application (IND)

Cooperation Modes
  • Reserved Pre-incubation
  • Cooperative Development
  • IP Transfer

Reserved Pre-incubation

In the reserved pre-incubation mode, Sanyou carries out risk-reducing targeted R&D, to minimize the uncertainty of innovative biological drug development.

Step 1: Client’s target validation. In consideration of client’s requirement and interest, conduct target validation and compose project development plan.

Step 2: Project pre-incubation. After the effectiveness of the cooperation agreement, Sanyou completes the project pre-incubation R&D according to the client’s requirement.

Step 3: Project delivery. After achieving the agreed milestone, client could decide whether to transfer the project and continue the development internally or to start further cooperation.

Cooperative Development

In the cooperative development mode, Sanyou provides platforms, teams and investment to accelerate client’s innovative biological R&D.

Step 1: Cooperative project validation. Target selection and validation agreed by both parties.

Step 2: Cooperative project development. The project development is completed by Sanyou’s platforms with the support of the client’s investment.

Step 3: Project delivery. The client takes charge and leads the future development, while Sanyou provides supports with its platforms and teams.

IP Transfer

In the IP transfer mode, Sanyou exerts its advantages in antibody generation and keeps patents ready for IP transfers.

Risk reducing: Sanyou completes the pre-incubation for high-risk targets according to the needs of clients, then transfers IP to clients under flexible terms.

Innovation promoting: Sanyou researches and completes projects of innovative drug formats, then transfers IP to clients under flexible terms.

Combination enabling: Sanyou completes the project R&D for conjugation or combination purposes according to the needs of clients, then transfers IP to clients under flexible terms.

List of Representative Clients
Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Fosun Pharmaceutical
  • Huadong Medicine
  • Hengrui Pharmaceutical
  • Sanjin Pharmaceutical
  • Hisun Pharmaceutical
Biotechnology Companies
  • Dragon Boat Biopharmaceutical
  • Singlomics
  • Liferiver
  • I-Mab Biopharma
Research Institutions
  • University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Zhejiang University
  • Fudan University
  • Sun Yat-sen University
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University