The cons and pros of having a big family

In today’s hyper age of expenses and odd working hours, parents now-a-days are thinking about the large family issues. Even with kids whose ages are spaced evenly, the difference in the age really makes it complicated in case the needs and stages are varied. You can find a lot of negative and positive aspects, but you need always decide on these facts and take your decision on your own according to the situation.


  1. When you are in a big family it is really tough to go with everybody’s needs. Because of the age difference, the things they want are also different and differs a lot. Your younger kid will be the one getting all the things where as your elder son might require to sacrifice a lot.
  2. You really need to be rich. Costs can increase exponentially by the year what with tuition fees, then dance classes, art classes and other activities. Also, transport for a large family involves a fuel guzzling SUV that is added cost to the fuel. It is a good moment to start using coupons.
  3. The youngest child, mostly grows out of babyhood faster than everyone else did at that age. It’s because the youngest always wants to achieve what the others have achieved at an earlier stage.
  4. For parents, it’s a big task to manipulate work timings and time to spend with all kids equally so they grow up well.
  5. In the early years, before kids become independent, doing the homework of your child will surely take a minimum of 5 hours every night. Writing, reading, maths, essays, projects and music require daily practicing.


  1. When you have a big family, the elder ones always come forward as a helping hand for your younger kids. This really works and works great as well.
  2. Younger children tend to be more mature looking at the older ones. The older ones at their age were a lot less mature since there were no trail blazers except the parents.
  3. Children get to work as a team right from a young age. The older children tend to be more responsible and mature especially in taking responsibility of the younger kids thus sparing the parents some time to focus on the rest of the family.
  4. Another good point for parents is the help they get from everyone, even from the little ones who will want to be growing up so quickly and be eager to take on the older ones in various household tasks.
  5. There’s a lot of love and a lot of laughter in the house. For parents, there will also be as many first steps, as many first words, as many first days of school, as many graduations and as many walks down the aisle as the kids they have.
  6. The children always need someone who can sit with him on any ride in the parks. Most rides seat two or three and in case your family is of six, you’re always set.
  7. When the parents are old there will surely be a few caretakers for them to look after in their old age.
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